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Addressing the Health and Fitness Needs of Today’s Women

Kim Conklin started Fitness180 to address the health and fitness needs of today’s women. The belief, that a woman’s body is her most valuable possession, is what drives her and the success of Fitness180. With many years of experience in the fitness industry, Kim knows what works effectively and efficiently. She understands the demands of marriage, motherhood and careers.

Kim Conklin

Owner Fitness180, Instructor

  • Bikini Boot Camp creator
  • American Council on Exercise (ACE) certification
  • IFA certification
  • Teen/Youth Fitness Cerification
  • Martial Arts/Kickboxing specialist
  • Figure Competitor

Kim Conklin I’m Kim Conklin, owner of Fitness180. I believe in total-body health and fitness. It requires discipline but it can also be fun, exciting and challenging. I created the Bikini Boot Camps to give women a new, exciting way to get fit while connecting with other women. Having spent a great deal of time in a gym atmosphere, I felt that women deserved a change...something that fuels the competitive spirit and brings women closer to their friends and personal goals. There are many ways to achieve total-body health and fitness, but I believe in keeping my training methods fresh and new to achieve real results.

Dedee Poje

Boot Camp Instructor

  • NESTA Certified Personal Trainer
  • B.S Health and Physical Education / Georgia Southern University
  • Awarded Outstanding Physical Educator in Fulton County
  • Outdoor education/adventure course specialist
  • Developed Poje's P.E. club for Home School children age 6 - 12
  • Wife and mother of three
  • Figure Competitor

Dedee PojeI’m Dedee Poje, Fitness180 instructor, wife, and mother. I have been passionate about exercise and fitness most of my life. As a former Bikini Boot Camper, I realized that Kim had a unique and very effective approach to meeting the needs of today’s wives, mothers, and women in general. As an instructor, I get a great deal of satisfaction and first-hand experience seeing women’s health, bodies, and minds change in very positive ways.

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