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Five Simple Ways to INSTANTLY Improve your Health Today

by Susie Shina

(psst…it has nothing to do with diet or exercise!)

Mind, body, spirit…it’s today’s mantra for a healthy life. Hmmm….mind, body, spirit…It sounds like you have to meditate, take a bunch of yoga classes and do a dietary detox to get any sort of benefit. Not true. There are many ways you can better your life forever with little effort. The following ideas not only make your life free and easy but they are actually easy and free too!

  1. Move the television OUT of your bedroom.

    Your bedroom serves purpose to two of the most important areas in your life – sleep and sex.  Most likely, you’re not getting enough of either one and it’s the television’s fault.  Moving your television out of your bedroom will shift the focus – if there is nothing else to do in there you might get lucky…or at the very least, get some extra sleep.  Along with the television, also get the laundry that needs to be folded, the ironing, and the unused exercise equipment out of your bedroom.  Anything that does not enhance your sleep or your sex life has got to go.  Try it for a week.  If you’re doing it right, you’ll know you’re not missing out on a single thing.

  2. Enjoy the art of social dining.

    This might seem difficult if you have kids but every meal doesn’t have to play out like an eating contest. Set your kitchen timer for 20 minutes and make your meal last until the very end.  I started doing this after my husband and I dined at a 5-star restaurant.  It was a 6 course meal with wine pairings, very fancy and although I can’t remember what we ate, I can tell you that there wasn’t a lot of it.  We laughed about how we would have to pick up a pizza on the way home…there was no way this would be enough food.  Surprise, surprise…by the fifth course, I was full.  The meal took 3 hours which is extreme if you have a life but it works just the same way with 20 minutes.  That’s how long it takes for your stomach to tell your brain that it’s full.  So it doesn’t matter what you eat just make it last for 20 minutes.  Satisfaction might also have a chance to reconnect with your family too.

  3. Look through your closet.

    Look through your closet and take out everything that is not your current size.  Now pack it up and give it away.  I can hear the “but’s” right now.  ‘But’ here’s the deal, if you can’t wear it now, what’s the point in it taking up precious space.  If something is too small, it is depressing.  If something is too big, you should be celebrating.  I found this pair of cream linen short-shorts that I wore before I had kids.  I held them up and thought ‘I can’t believe I used to wear these things!’  Then I thought, ‘These would fit my eight-year-old!’  Why was I holding on to them?  What was I trying to prove?  Even if I could fit into them, I certainly would never wear them again.  Let it go and treat yourself to a great pair of jeans that fit you NOW.  You deserve to look your best whatever size you are today.

  4. Smile.

    You know that saying ‘grin and bear it’…well, there happens to be many benefits of smiling.  Even if you don’t feel happy on the inside, the physical action of smiling can trick your body to lift your mood.  Smiling releases endorphins and serotonin, the body’s natural pain killers, giving you a boost of an all natural feel good drug.  Studies also show that smiling lowers stress and blood pressure.  Feeling stressed out?  Try smiling for a full minute.  Even if you’re faking it, the smile still works the same magic with your body.  Now for the ultimate benefits...the muscles you use for smiling lift the face making you look younger. Maybe you don’t need to schedule that facelift after all!  Smiling also makes you more attractive, draws people to you and is totally contagious.  Best of all, you can do it anytime, anywhere, it’s free and legal!

  5. Go to bed 5 minutes early.

    Instead of dragging yourself to bed, ‘put’ yourself to bed 5 minutes early.  Take those extra 5 minutes to replay the day in your head like a movie.  See all the highs and lows, what would you have done different, more of, less of, or what would you have done better?  Now that the day is done, it’s officially in the past…time to move on.  Now think about tomorrow.  What does your ultimate tomorrow look like?  See yourself doing all the things that will make your day great.   These extra 5 minutes should be enjoyable and will easily set you up for a terrific nights’ sleep.  If you have something pressing that seems to weigh on your mind, that makes you toss and turn, write it down and leave it for tomorrow.  With these extra 5 minutes at night, you won’t feel guilty about hitting the snooze alarm in the morning.

Oh the simplicity… Mind, body, spirit has never seemed so attainable!  There are definite benefits to meditation, yoga and detoxing but there are other ways to get it done.  If you’re not up for wrapping your legs around your head or if you struggle to find the time to sit down let alone meditate, or if you can’t fathom going without coffee for more than a day…there’s still hope for your mind, body, & spirit too.

Susie Shina is the creator/author of 60Second Circuits:1000 exercise combos to Get your Body Back! Susie is the creator of Fit Enough.™and continues to be a sought -after expert fitness resource and contributing writer for several publications and websites.

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