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Plan to Boost Your Metabolism Now

Easy ways to increase you metabolism

Speed up your metabolism starting today!

Eat every 2 ½ to 3 hrs. (Not by adding more calories but by dividing your food into smaller portions.

 Eat more protein (it has been shown that eating protein has a thermic effect on the body… meaning that our bodies require more energy to process protein than dietary fats or carbohydrates.)

Eat a protein with each meal (protein helps to stabilize blood sugar levels…keeping you from having the “crash” after eating and helping you resist those sugary cravings.)

Add complex carbs (fresh fruits, whole grains and veggies are the main fuel to your engine!)

Eat healthy fats (essential fatty acids actually accelerate fat burning…flaxseed , fish oils and olive oils are good choices.)

Lift weights (minimum of 3 days/week…no gym needed!)

Eat spicy foods (cinnamon, hot peppers, cayenne, and turmeric)

Eat more fiber (helps to keep you regular and keeps you full longer) Drink lots of water (keeps you feeling fuller and helps your body function properly)

Build muscle (change up your training routine…use a heavier weight or do more reps…superset or try a different exercise! )

Walk whenever you can (every step counts…park farther out, take the stairs, get up at work and take a walk on your break and during lunch, do some lunges, squats or dips when nobody is looking! It all adds up. Use your muscles as much as possible.)

Cardio (Try to get a minimum of 30 minutes each day. Intervals are a proven method for burning more fat during cardio sessions.)

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